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Snag a membership to my App to start transforming and healing today. You can learn at your pace and on the go. Already trauma informed and well on your journey?! Simply grab the Audios or Nervous System Reset for a one time fee and use as needed. 

Evolving & Regrowth happens when your well equipped!

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Awareness & Regrowth

Listen to my latest podcasts where I interview the most knowledgeable in the field of Trauma Recovery. Each Guest has their niche and lay out some incredible knowledge that is sure to get you thinking.  Grab the best take-aways and apply it to your healing journey.

Nervous System Regulation 

Start to regulate your nervous system with daily guided exercises that put you into parasympathetic "calm mode". This allows us to retrain the nervous system that being calm is ok, it can be safe, peace really is what we are wanting. This journey is 40 days and teaches you to tune into your body and give it the support it needs, particularly after you've been triggered. 

Transformation Audios

Here you'll find several recordings that do the heavy lifting of reclaiming your mindset and creating better beliefs. This helps your subconscious to "rewire" itself to a better way of thinking. Undo the lies, negative beliefs that have kept you stuck. Listen to each audio for 21 days. Wealth wiring, weight control, confidence, loveability and more are included. 

App Memberships & Products

Awareness & Regrowth

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Nervous System Reset

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Healing & Transformation Audios

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My Healing Trauma Blueprint

Read about the steps I took to heal my trauma and the effects it had on my mind, health and spiritual walk. Why I became a Trauma Recovery Coach and how I help others today. It is a journey and it does take time. If you've been living decades a certain way with triggers, fears, repetitive behaviours and addictions -we can not undo it all in a week. So give yourself grace and dedicate some time, some years, to discover you, to put down all that no longer serves us but only sabotages us. And along the way you'll see shifts and that is what will keep you going. 

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Meet Keandrew

Musician and Student, Past Client

"I appreciate Sharlyn and her teachings and guidance more than I can express. I didnt realize how much anxious energy I had. I was always on the go, go, go needing to please or perform to feel valuable. With time I learned to listen to my body, my inner child and validate him. You have to get in tune with your inner child! All her methods helped me tremendously. I'm more confident I can do life now and I'm enjoying discovering me ..."

With clarity and compassion you can start your healing journey...

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