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     Here at Heal and Regrow we want to create a safe space to release and regulate yourself. To build the capacity of experiencing and moving through differant emotions safely. To re-parent and relearn healthier ways, to rewire the brain and reset the nervous system. To regenerate the body at a cellular level. To feel tranquility, internal peace and purpose.    

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Self Care Day

Dump it all and leave renewed

In Office

Make this as short or as long as you need. Come on in and start with some frustration station-just let it all go and get your endorphins flowing. Choose from dozens of guided tapping sessions to lower any anxiety or body pain. Sit in our Infrared Sauna and let the stress and toxins melt away. Relieve joint pain, promote blood circulation, peaceful sleep and an overall rejuvenation of your body. Add in a little bit of Wave Vibration Therapy to get your Lymphatic System moving and clearing and feel balanced. Enjoy our Inner Child Healing Experience with meditation and Red Light Therapy. Or come in for a much needed nap with your custom RTT recording or choose from several transformation recordings. 

This Self Care Day will leave you feeling yummy. 

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We can provide your Iridology Scan and Report in person or virtually. I will point out your highest priorotiy areas along with where you may have some inflammation, stagnation, metal or chemicial buildup in your tissues. The state of your organs, hormones, gut and colon health, lymphatic system and more.  

Regenerative Health & Trauma Recovery

Virtual I In Person


Trauma can be like a flower that gets trampled on, pulled out, and cut. A flower knows its Purpose. It looks up to sun and always keep growing. That same resilience and possibility of Regrowth is totally possible for you after trauma and disease. I'm here to teach you how trauma affects every bit of our health, growth and development and that regenerative health is all about getting to the root cause of symptoms or a disease. Addressing the root cause allows the body to reverse, repair, and regenerate from its current state. What tried to weaken you, can be overcome and regenerated!


The next step is to undo all the hard-wired lies and beliefs that your trauma or caregivers poured into you. This involves undoing the critic thinking, maladaptive coping mechanisms that you picked up, habits and anything else that is detrimental to you seeing yourself in a positive light. aka pulling out the weeds. We'll detox emotions, toxins and more!


This is the step where we reclaim your mindset and health so you're always ready to take on new challenges and win the day. We water you with love, compassion, understanding and watch you grow into who you were meant to be. We achieve this through the use of RTT Therapy, Parts work, somatic experiencing, detox, herbalism, nutrition and bio hacking. 

Sharlyn has worked with countless individuals and premarital couples to understand and begin healing their Intergenerational Trauma and Genetic Weaknesses...

Retreats & Classes

Locations for Retreats throughout US, Dominican Republic & Peru

Classes In Ephrata PA or private location

Look on Homepage for upcoming retreats or contact to schedule your own

Meet me in one of my most traveled destinations for 3 days. Each is peaceful and allows for us to work together to continue and make some breakthroughs in your healing journey. You will receive trauma informed knowledge and find out what really happened to your brain and subsequently to your self esteem, your relationships, your courage, your body and immune system as a result of trauma (biologically, emotionally, relationally and psychologically). We'll do trauma and tension releasing exercises. Tapping and practice being mindful with small everyday tasks. We'll learn about your inner child, parts and where emotions sit in our body and safe ways to release them. Contact to discuss if this is right for you and choose from available dates.

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Discovery | Rewiring | Reclaiming


In the seminars, you'll discover how childhood trauma affects us biologically, emotionally, relationally, and psychologically. This knowledge helps you to understand people, but more importantly why they react they way they do. Once you understand the "why" behind their responses, you will be more compassionate towards their emotional responses, work ethic, addictions and coping mechanisms. And how to best assist them.

These seminars are perfect for employers, University courses, churches, hospitals, emergency services and so much more. Understanding your employees, students and patients will allow for a better working relationship, reviews and feedback delivery and a cohesive work environment all around. Ask about my middle and high school seminar where we can teach kids about the Lies and Truths of Trauma. 

Instead of asking people, "Why cant you get over it already?" try "What happened to you?" To begin their healing, trauma victims must feel heard, seen, and cared for. Hearing things like, "I believe you", "that shouldn't have happened to you". 

With Awareness and Healing Come Success...

Stregnthen Your Company

Strengthen Your Community

Equip Your Students

Meet Kamila,

Happy Fiance now! and Satisfied Past Client

"Oh man! Where can I begin? My relationship was really suffering from my own obsessive thinking. I was always wondering if I said the wrong thing, if my partner would just get tired of me and leave but after my one-on-one coaching with Sharlyn, I felt like a new person. Now, my partner is telling me that they are inspired by my confidence and outlook on life and people... I have no words for what she's done for me!"

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