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Heal and Regrow

As your Trauma Recovery Coach, I will guide you to recover your body, mind and soul so you can begin to live a life free of bondage! The regrowth of nueropathways, love and total health is possible!

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in Person | Video Sessions

Let's get to know each other to see if we're a good fit to start your healing journey with a complimentary Connection Call. Then we can meet once a week, for day intensives or weekend retreats. Appointments can be In-person (Ephrata, PA) or Virtual. Day intensives and retreats are in person. I want to provide you with the attunement, tools and encouragement you need to prosper in health, relationships and life!

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Group Therapy | Retreats

Booking a retreat for yourself and a few friends will not only educate you on trauma and the effects it has had on your body, emotions and relationships. But will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to heal. Release the trauma, regulate the nervous system and rewire the mind and body.

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Hi, I'm Sharlyn Schmitt

I'm a trauma recovery coach who educates you on how intergenerational trauma shows up in your relationships and affects your day to day living. Have you reached a turning point in life? Are you ready to ditch the baggage, the sabotage, and whatever is blocking you? Have you researched as much as you can, even tried talk therapy and still feel your triggers surfacing and affecting your relationships, emotions and thinking? Have you been aware that some of the relationships your in (friends or intimate) are no longer healthy for you? But you're having great difficulty breaking away? Knowledge is your key to Breakthrough....find out why your body and mind are STUCK on repeat.

Have you noticed you're tired of trying to keep up an image or lifestyle? You're done pleasing others and you just want to say no without difficulty? You're done with burnout and resentment.

God did not create us to live like this nor is it His will for us. There is so much more for each of us. Without the wounds, we wouldn't have ended up in relationship after relationship that wasn't healthy and unsupportive for us. Let me guide you in reclaiming your life and living it to how our creator willed.  

If you have children and see yourself acting like your parents or primary caregivers and you swore you wouldn't become them, this is for you.  


Learn how your trauma actually affected your brain, and your whole body. You're not crazy. Trauma hijacks our mental and physical health, our confidence and faith, our relationships, our eating and sleeping habits and so much more. 

I personally know, I've been there. But I chose to be persistent, heal old wounds and patterns and work on rewiring my mind and body each day to walk into my healing, peace and purpose. You too can overcome the fears, lies and put the brakes on the transfer of Intergenerational Trauma in your own family.

Let's Reclaim Your Life!

I help you help yourself...


In-person Day Intensive

Focused sessions which make you the center of attention, we learn and work together for 6-8 hours. 



Not in PA no problem. Your 1-o n-1 calls will be through Google meet.


Group session

Join in with other trauma survivors, there is so much healing in group session. Available virtually or Book your own group sessions...

Meet Leahann

Small Business Owner, Past Client

"Working with Sharlyn, I finally got the confidence to step away from toxic relationships. Keeping hush just because some people are "family" is not healthy. She made me aware that I don't have to pass down these "family mythologies" that only exist due to trauma and the continued avoidance instead of courage to stand up for what is right. Not only did I learn so much from her but I'm thriving in my relationship with myself. If we don't pour love and self care into ourselves, who knows what garbage (lies) we will be given by others. I also walked away from my depressing job and found the courage to start my own business! I'm healing daily and loving my new found peace." 

Check out the Heal and Regrow self paced APP. 

See the after effects of Trauma and Regulate your Nervous System in 40 days

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